Worker’s Compensation


Acupuncture for Worker’s Compensation: Natural pain relief

Natural Wonders Healthcare provides safe, comprehensive, personalized acupuncture care for Work Injury patients. We listen to our patients and offer healing treatments with compassion.  At our pain clinic, you will be treated like a person and not as another “Worker’s Comp.” case.  Under the direction of Dr. Atil Narayan, DACM, L.Ac., we provide acupuncture and massage therapy treatments for worker’s compensation patients for injured workers in West Covina, La Puente, and surrounding Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley areas.

Acupuncture is our specialty and this is what we do best. In addition, we provide other natural, non-pharmaceutical, options as well. We will also chart your progress and work closely with your attorney, insurance adjuster, and Medical Provider Network (MPN) to make sure your referrals are processed promptly so you can receive treatments in a timely manner.

While most industrial Worker’s Comp. facilities limit treatments to only acupuncture, we go beyond with specialized treatment combinations that often include various modalities at no extra cost to our patients. With us, you’ll get more than just acupuncture. Our California board licensed practitioners are acupuncture specialists. Our safe, evidence-based, highly effective, treatment combinations improve healing outcomes so our patients can start enjoying a better quality of life sooner.

Gentle Acupuncture Care…and Much More

Acupuncture is a highly effective method of healing. However, there other modalities that, when combined with acupuncture, often produce tremendous healing benefits beyond acupuncture alone. We often combine various modalities in a single treatment to produce optimal results at no extra cost to Worker’s Comp. patients. This means the likelihood of full recovery can increase and your recovery time can be shortened.

Acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, and/or micro-current are used to facilitate tissue healing, obtain myofascial release, and control pain.

Acupressure/Tuina/Massage: Massage is a covered benefit in the California worker’s comp. system. As you doctor about massage. Our professional massage therapist wil perform techniques that workout, stretch, and strengthen muscles to restore functional biomechanics, obtain myofascial release, and relax tense muscles and trigger points.

Far Infrared Heat:
Far Infrared heat is used to open up capillaries to promote local circulation, relax tight muscles, and to help facilitate pain relief.

To reduce pain and tension, obtain myofascial release, and ameliorate inflammation

Herbal Salve:
Thick, rich, Chinese herbal salve, which looks like black peanut butter, containing over 15 herbs is applied topically at the inflammation site then bandaged. Our unique herbal poultice helps reduce local pain and inflammation.

Gua Sha (Referred to as Rolfing or Coining in the West):
Soft tissue manipulation technique to obtain myofascial release, break up scar tissue, and alleviate tense muscles.

Nutritional support*:
We use pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements called nutraceuticals. With therapeutic grade supplements, prescribed to you by a licensed professional, you will heal from the inside while our treatments initiate healing from the outside. This dual approach produces better results. Herbal support is also key when inflammation is chronic and lodged deep within the body or when other health conditions contribute to slow recovery. *Nutritional supplements are often not covered by Workers compensation. We provide complimentary herbal consultation. Feel free to inquire with your acupuncturist.

Acupuncture Benefits to the Patient: A clinic that cares

  • Natural pain relief that lasts
  • Gentle evidence-based Acupuncture with other safe and medically necessary treatment options to enhance healing
  • You will always be treated like a person not a “worker’s comp. “ case
  • We specialize in Acupuncture. We deliver better care than large industrial clinics where acupuncture is a small insignificant part of their business.

Acupuncture Benefits to the Employer: Efficient, effective, ethical

  • Gentle evidence-based Acupuncture with other safe and medically necessary treatment options to enhance healing. Your dollar goes further with us
  • Improved case management with daily charting and reporting
  • Multi-modality, treatment options for improved clinical outcomes
  • Reduced lost time and improved productivity. Our patients heal faster and better
  • Acupuncture is clinically effective for patients and cost effective for employers. Your money goes further with acupuncture treatments for a wide range of health conditions including the following:

Neck and Upper Back (Sprains/Strains)

  • Elbow: Tendonitis, Bursitis, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow
  • Forearm, Wrist and Hand :  Carpal Tunnel, Sprain/Strain
  • Low Back: Sciatica, Bulged Disc, Sprain/Strain
  • Knee: Meniscus
  • Ankle and Foot:  Sprain/Strain, Plantar Fascitis
  • Pain, Suffering and the Restoration of Function

Worker’s Compensation Insurance: In-network

We are In-Network preferred acupuncture providers in many worker’s compensation Medical Provider Networks (MPN’s). This is a partial list of some MPN’s :

  • MedRisk
  • Kaiser Permanente On The Job
  • State Fund (State of California)
  • Anthem Worker’s Compensation
  • Pacific Compensation Insurance .
  • Corvel Worker’s Compensation
  • Coventry Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Pacific Compensation
  • Wellcomp (York) Insurance
  • Chubb Group
  • Sedgwick
  • The Hartford
  • County of Los Angeles (Corvel)
  • County of San Bernardino (Corvel)
  • County of Riverside (Corvel)
  • Harbor Health System
  • OneCall 
  • Align Networks
  • CareWorks
  • Cal State University
  • State Fund CA (SCIF)

What to do Next:

Call and speak with our friendly staff if you are a Worker’s Comp. patient and currently have a referral authorization for acupuncture. We will walk you through the steps needed in order for us to begin treating you at our office.