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If you suffer from tendinitis, you may find yourself limited in your daily actions and distracted by persistent pain. Finding relief is important, and it’s possible through the care of Dr. Atil Narayan and his staff of Natural Wonders Healthcare in West Covina, California. To learn more about how you can harness your body’s natural healing abilities and move beyond tendon pain, schedule an appointment today. Call to check availability.


What is tendonitis?

Tendinitis, which is sometimes called tendonitis, is a painful condition marked by inflammation and degeneration tendon tissue. Your tendons are bands of tough connective tissue that attach muscle tissue to your bones.

Because your tendons have a very limited blood supply, they don’t heal as quickly as other tissue types. When tendons sustain tearing or other damage, pain can linger for a long time. While some tendon damage can heal over time without treatment, tendonitis can be effectively addressed by stimulating your body’s healing function.

Can I prevent tendonitis?

Anyone can develop tendonitis, but the condition is more common in adults over the age of 40. Your tendons become less elastic over time and tear more easily.

tendonitis can occur after a sudden injury but is more commonly associated with repetitive stress. You can reduce your risk of tendonitis changing your routines to limit repetitive movements. Gradually increasing your activity level can also lower your risk, as many cases of tendonitis occur after the start of an aggressive new fitness plan.

It’s important to listen to the messages your body sends. If a movement causes pain, take steps to alter your activity and give your body a chance to rest and recover. Pushing through pain is a guaranteed way to injure yourself.

What are some natural healing treatments for tendonitis?

Acupuncture is a great treatment for tendonitis. Traditional Chinese wisdom holds that there is a strong connection between your liver and your connective tissues. Deficiencies in your liver and related blood flow are believed to cause pain and swelling in your tendons, as your tendons won’t receive the nourishment and lubrication they need.

Acupuncture can help by restoring balance in your liver and improving blood flow in the affected area. The process also releases natural pain-relieving chemicals, reducing the urge to turn to pharmaceutical intervention for tendon pain.

Chinese herbal treatments are another great approach and can be combined with acupuncture to boost results. Some formulations help with pain and inflammation, while others help strengthen connective tissues. It’s important to choose an experienced herbalist to get the most out of this approach and to avoid negative interactions with other supplements or medications.

To start a natural treatment path for tendonitis, schedule a visit with Dr. Narayan and his staff today. Feel free to call or visit the office to check appointment availability.