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Whiplash injuries occur with little advance warning and can be both stressful and painful. Dr. Atil Narayan and his staff of Natural Wonders Healthcare in West Covina, California, has helped many men and women recover from whiplash using natural, evidence-based treatments that do not rely on invasive procedures or prescription drugs. Don’t suffer through whiplash symptoms when safe and effective treatments can help. Book your visit with Dr. Narayan and his staff today with a simple phone call.


What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a specific type of neck injury caused by a sudden back-and-forth neck movement. While your neck is a strong and flexible part of your body, whiplash injuries usually occur so rapidly you have no time to prepare or take protective measures.

Auto accidents are among the leading causes of whiplash, especially when your vehicle is struck from behind. The force of impact can cause your neck to quickly extend forward before slamming back against the headrest. Those movements place strain on the muscles, connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels within your neck.

Sports injuries can also lead to whiplash, as can certain falls. Even physical abuse or simple roughhousing can strain your neck and lead to pain.

Should I take medications to ease whiplash pain?

Medication certainly plays a role in treating many serious conditions, but there is evidence to suggest we rely far too heavily on both prescription and over-the-counter drugs in everyday life. Finding a way to prompt your body’s natural healing ability is a far better approach to achieving lasting pain relief.

Prescription medications carry a long list of side effects. One of the most dangerous is the risk of addiction. Many men and women develop incredibly harmful addictions after using opioid medications to treat pain. That can cause years of disruption to your health and all other aspects of your life.

Over-the-counter medications also take a toll on your body, as these substances must be metabolized and processed. Don’t fall into the common misconception that just because a medication is readily available in stores it doesn’t carry a risk of side effects.

What natural treatments can help with whiplash?

A growing body of research supports acupuncture as a safe and effective treatment for whiplash. A technique called electroacupuncture introduces continuous gentle electrical pulses into the tissues of your neck.

Electroacupuncture begins with insertion of a series of thin, flexible, sterile treatment needles. The needles are then connected to a device that sends carefully controlled electrical current through the needles and into your tissues.

One benefit of electroacupuncture is the ability to target a wider range of tissue than traditional acupuncture. Because the electrical current spreads to a larger area, needle placement does not have to be precise to generate effects.

The experience is not painful and usually lasts less than 30 minutes. You may notice a tingling sensation during sessions, and you might have minor bruising or minimal bleeding at the treatment site.

Dr. Narayan and his staff can also suggest some herbal supplements that can speed your healing process and help address lingering pain as your body heals. Combining herbal therapy with other modalities can boost the effects of your treatment plan.

If you experience whiplash, book an appointment with Dr. Narayan right away to begin treatment. Left untreated, whiplash symptoms can worsen. You can set up your visit by phone.