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Few things can alter the course of a normal day faster than a serious headache. For those in and around West Covina, California, the care of Dr. Atil Narayan and his staff, of Natural Wonders Healthcare is a great way to address frequent headaches. Dr. Narayan believes in customized treatment plans that place your needs first, and he takes the time to get to know you and your lifestyle in order to create a plan of action that delivers results. When you’re ready to get started, book an appointment  by phone.


What are some common types of headaches?

Everyone experiences an occasional headache, but for some, recurring bouts of head pain can interfere with daily routines. These are some of the more common types of headaches.

Tension headaches

These headaches usually come on slowly and worsen over time. You might notice a dull, aching sensation on both sides of your head or pain that spreads to or originates from your neck.

Cluster headaches

These headaches usually occur repeatedly over the course of several days or weeks. You might experience severe pain on only one side of your head, often near your eye. Pain can be burning or sharp.


Migraine is not actually a headache but rather a collection of neurological symptoms that include head pain. You might suffer severe pain that throbs or pulses, usually on only one side of your head. Additional symptoms include nausea and sensitivity to light or sound. Migraine attacks can last for hours or even days.

Understanding which type of headache you’re experiencing can help Dr. Narayan devise a personalized treatment plan.

How can acupuncture help treat headaches?

Acupuncture can reduce chronic headaches by improving blood flow and triggering your body to release natural pain-relieving chemicals into your bloodstream. Dr. Narayan and his staff determine the best needle placement to achieve optimal results. In some cases, the needles are placed on your scalp, face, or neck, but acupuncture on other areas of your body can also help treat headaches.

Mounting evidence suggests that acupuncture can play a role in reducing the occurrence of migraine attacks. Taking this preventive measure can give you more time to do the things you love most without the pain and disruption of a serious headache.

Is cupping an effective treatment for headaches?

Cupping therapy can relieve headache pain by reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and eliminating toxins from your body. Small treatment cups are placed on your scalp, face, or body. Next, suction is incorporated, gently drawing your skin up and into the cups.

You may feel a sensation of tension in the treatment area, but cupping is not painful. It’s also common to feel invigorated after sessions, as the process stimulates your nervous and circulatory systems and can trigger endorphin release.

What can I take to relieve headache pain?

It’s tempting to turn to medication to relieve headache pain, but prescription and over-the-counter medications carry a significant risk of side effects. They also only mask the pain and do nothing to resolve the issues that cause headaches in the first place.

Over-reliance on medication can also create a phenomenon called rebound headaches. These are headaches caused by the medication itself and only serve to bring additional discomfort into your life.

Herbal medicine offers a better path toward pain relief — and one that has little risk of negative side effects. Dr. Narayan and his staff are skilled herbalists who can help you find the remedies that best suit your symptoms and lifestyle. When you’re ready to get started, schedule an appointment by phone.