Natural Wonders Healthcare, Inc. was founded on the belief that the human body has an astounding capacity for self-healing.  We specialize in acupuncture, massage and IV infusion & hydration services.  While acupuncture is the starting point for many treatment plans, the practice offers many other treatment methods that can address persistent pain and improve overall function. Additional modalities include therapeutic massage, far infrared heat, gua sha, herbal salve, and cupping.

You may be accustomed to an approach that focuses on treating symptoms as they arise, and one that leans heavily on drugs and invasive procedures to feel better. At Natural Wonders Healthcare, the central focus is on supporting your natural healing ability.

Dr. Narayan and his staff treat a wide range of painful conditions, including sciatica, migraine, back and neck pain, arthritis, foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia

We also offer pharmaceutical-grade herbal supplements that meet the absolute highest quality standards.  Our IV Nutrition, Hydration & Injection treatment options delivers cellular level absorption of high potency nutrients for enhanced healing and recovery.

Many patients come to the practice frustrated by previous pain relief efforts that failed to deliver lasting results. The holistic approach that defines Natural Wonders Healthcare offers a different path toward improved health and wellness.

If you’re ready to open a new door in your pain relief journey or just want to experience the life-altering effects of the treatment modalities available at Natural Wonders Healthcare, book an appointment today. The practice serves patients from West Covina and surrounding Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley communities. Call and speak with a member of our friendly administrative staff.

Our Vision

We envision a future where science-based natural healthcare solutions are available for everyone.

Our Mission

Natural Wonders Healthcare recognizes that the human body has an astounding capacity for self-healing. Our natural, evidence-based therapies enhance self-healing so our patients can live their best lives.

Our Values


  • We believe care is empty without deep listening and compassion.


  • We value respect, dignity, and acceptance of everyone.


  • We inspire trust by offering high-quality care consistently, delivering value to our patients and healthcare partners, and providing measurable results.


  • We proudly serve with dedication, joy, and healing intentions.


  • Committed to partnering with patients and healthcare organizations that value communication, responsibility, and empowerment. We are here to build community and nurture a network of meaningful relationships.


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