Cadu-Crex’s initial hair loss treatment for men, 40 ampoules, Labo


For the early stages of hair loss For men Description: Cadu-Crex is a topical dermatological-cosmetic treatment against severe hair loss Treatment helps to reduce hair loss and supports recovery. Active ingredients and transdermal technology for the penetration of follicular apertures (both for single hair follicles and Capillary Follicular Islands) CADU-CREX assures the penetration of regeneration molecules in over 90% of the scalp surface, compared with only 4% penetration through the capillary follicle *. The formula is enriched with active ingredients of Crescina complex to stimulate hair regeneration. Cadu-Crex is useful in preventing and reducing hair loss. Application: Daily use (5 ampoules per week with a 2-day break). The vials should be used on the dry scalp and pre-cleaned with the specific Labo shampoo against hair loss or wet hair immediately after washing. Dermato-cosmetic treatment is recommended for at least 2 months. Presentation: 40 ampoules