Therapeutic Massage: Licensed Professionals

Our licensed massage therapists have many years of clinical experience in acupuncture, chiropractic, and sports medicine clinics specializing in pain relief.

We offer complimentary aromatherapy, with pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We only use premium, all natural, massage oils. A soft heating pad creates warmth and relaxation.

Menu of Experiences: For pain or stress relief

Swedish $55/1hr $100/2hrs
A luxurious, soothing massage that heals tired and aching muscles, releases tension, reduces stress, and promotes circulation.5

Deep Tissue/Trigger Points $65/1hr
Pain, tightness, knots in one area of the body can cause pain in other areas. Application of pressure on trigger points can provide tremendous lasting relief.

Pregnancy $65/1hr
Pain, tension, and discomfort can develop during pregnancy as the mother and baby change and grow. Treat yourself to healing and relaxation.

Combination Massage $65/1hr
Our house special. Highly skilled therapist assesses specific bodily needs then applies a specialized combination of massage techniques where you need it most.

Gift Certificates Available

Complimentary Aromatherapy:
Whether it’s lavender, lemongrass, or bergamot we use pure therapeutic grade essential oils with every massage to enhance your healing experience.

Premium Massage Oils:
We use high quality, Vitamin E rich, all natural almond oil to provide nutrition and hydration for your skin.

Deluxe Massage Table:
Our massage table can be heated to provide extra relaxation. Our sheets are made of 100% soft-breathable cotton. Our wool face cradle provides you with the highest level of comfort.