Herbal Consultation

3 Step Herbal Consultation

Many diseases are complex.  They have to be explored on a deeper level.  If you are looking for natural methods to address your chronic health condition you may consider our herbal consultation service.  An herbal consultation is a great way to better understand your symptoms.  Our expert herbalists use principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to study the underlying patterns related to your disease.  Then they prescribe herbal formula(s) for your unique needs. 

3 Step Process:

  1. Fill out the Herbal Consultation Form in the Forms section.  This will provide detailed information into your health condition and allow us to monitor changes and healing progress through the course of your treatments.  Depending on your condition, this could take as little as a few days to as long as a few months.  Some severe health issues could take years to restore balance
  2. Once the form is filled out, return it to our office by mail, email, fax, or a physical drop off.  Our herbalist will review the form containing your health history and determine a diagnosis as per TCM protocol.  Then, they will develop a specialized treatment plan for you.  You will be notified when this is completed. 
  3. Schedule an herbal consultation appointment.  This should be brief 15-30 minute consultation.  Our herbalist will perform a pulse and tongue diagnosis  to confirm or modify the diagnosis.  They will discuss herbal, diet, and lifestyle recommendation.

Science-Based Nutraceuticals

Herbal supplements prescribed to our patients are high quality standardized extract formulations supported by current scientific research. We assess your individual healthcare needs and thoughtfully make herbal and dietary recommendations.

Our patients receive pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements intended for clinical use by licensed healthcare professionals. Every manufacturer and product meets or exceeds all government regulations of safety and are supported by scientific evidence to provide health benefits.